Become a Drug Court Treatment Provider

Drug Court is the most exciting and fastest growing part of the many efforts of the criminal justice system and the treatment community to treat substance abuse. A whole new approach to how the courts approach individuals convicted of substance abuse offenses, Drug Courts work with clients—supporting them with regular and positive interventions in addition to the age-old punitive approaches. Central to the Drug Court program is an innovative, effective marriage of the court and treatment. Among other things, treatment providers give input into court decisions regarding continuing in the program and incarceration.

A couple things you probably don’t know about Drug Court to consider if you should enlarge your practice with Drug Court clients:

  • Drug Court isn’t just about drugs. Sometimes also called Sobriety Court and a variety of other names, this program works with offenders convicted of drunk driving offenses, minor in possession citations, probation violations as well as drug use and possession convictions.
  • Arrangements between treatment providers and Drug Courts are still quite informal. In other words, if a Drug Court is new, expanding services, or it’s dissatisfied with its present providers, you may be able to become a Drug Court Treatment Provider.

You can find out more about this great opportunity to open a new practice or expand your present services by visiting the National Drug Court Institute or ordering my book Restorative Treatment: Build Your Own Successful Practice Helping Court-Refereed Clients Reclaim Their Lives.