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Psychotherapy with Men

As therapists, we share the common knowledge that psychotherapy with men and their masculinity is tough. Sometimes, men are wonderful clients, open and motivated; they make significant breakthroughs. But more often, they’ve been sent by their wives or the courts, and they’re distant and oppositional, or so agreeable that you know they’re simply trying to […]

Online and Phone Counseling: the New “Talk Therapy”

“Talk Therapy” was a revolutionary idea when launched by Sigmund Freud at the turn of the 20th century. This idea postulated that therapists could sit down face-to-face with patients, talk to them about problematic issues, and cure them of depression and anxiety. Move well into the 20th century when “The Jetson’s” television cartoon featured characters […]

Connecting with substance abuse groups

Facilitating substance abuse groups and designing substance abuse worksheets to help the chemically dependent admit that their powerlessness and unmanageability over substances has been the peak experience in my long career as a psychologist. I believe that developing a therapeutic alliance and using effective interventions leads to recovery. I also believe that my personal history […]

Substance Abuse Group Therapy Topics

Treatment of substance abusers is not for sissies. Addressing substance abuse group therapy topics with treatment worksheets can make it easier. Topics for Substance Abuse Groups Relapse Risk Reduction Patterns of Use Attitudes and Substance Abuse Minimization, Denial, and Blame Consequences of Use Countering Disastrous Thinking Lifestyles that Lead to Abuse and Relapse Stages of […]

Effective interventions using substance abuse worksheets

In most human endeavors, some things work and others don’t. Substance abuse worksheets work. In some activities, it doesn’t matter so much what you choose. But in facilitating substance abuse groups, you can gain allies or make enemies by a simple word or two. The old axiom, at least “Do no harm,” applies here: You […]

Worksheets for Abusive Men’s Groups

Worksheets improve your interventions and make your counseling easier. The question of structure vs. spontaneity in running groups is one of the most common issues that therapists face. On the one hand, we want to give batterers opportunities to talk because we know they learn best from one another. On the other hand, time is […]

The Successful Entrepeunerial Therapist

These days, it isn’t enough to be a great therapist. Especially in difficult economic times when people have less money, there are too many therapists and too few clients. To make a good living, you need to be an entrepreneurial therapist, part-businessman, part-therapist. The successful entrepreneurial therapist is smart, observant, decisive. Whether you’re in private […]