National Alliance of Men

Writing for the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan, I published an article exhorting men to create an organization on a national level that will prevent violent masculinity and create liberated men with new senses of integrity and compassion.

The National Organization of Women has provided a great service to the women — and men — of the United States. But where is the similar organization of men?

I proposed an organization of men, called the National Alliance of Men for Integrity and Compassion (NAMIC, pronounced nam-ic). NAMIC would work to end toxic male socialization to our boys, to promote loving and respectful relationships among men, to create a compassionate world that supports men in familial and other relationships.

The article also lists specific tasks that only a national organization could accomplish.

I believe there are many liberated men who would support NAMIC in its mission to replace violence and hyper-masculinity with compassion, community, and integrity. If the creation of NAMIC excites you as it does me, please email me.