Individualized Program Development for Drug Court Treatment Providers


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Call Therapist Outfitters at 231-448-3300 for customized help on building your therapy practice to provide treatment for court-referred clients. The first ten minutes are free, then the charge is $30 for each half hour. We can teach you many ways to improve your practice, but if you don’t know about Drug Court, you could be missing out on literally hundreds of new clients in your community.

To establish yourself as a drug court treatment provider for this revolutionary program, we’ll give you a thorough description of the process of Drug Court that includes a detailed explanation of how the criminal justice system is focusing on less jail and more treatment for offenders. Therapist Outfitters can tell you about the Drug Courts in your area, provide you with information about key personnel, and identify opportunities for you. Our staff has been trained by the National Drug Court Institute, worked in drug courts for ten years, and written extensively about Drug Courts. Call us. The first ten minutes are free. This may be the biggest opportunity of you career.

Pick up the phone! Call 231-448-3300, 10:00 to 4:00 EST, Tuesday through Friday.

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