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First 10 Minutes Free

Then $30 for each additional 30 minutes.

All therapists run into difficulties and dilemmas, and Therapist-Outfitters is here to help you out. Our phone consultation and site visit program are designed to listen to your issues and help you build your own solutions.

So many of us therapists live in isolation — the other people in our buildings may be attorneys and physicians — and we don’t have colleagues with whom to share our difficulties and struggles. Sometimes, we’re embarrassed by our problems so we don’t want to talk to others too near at hand. The experienced staff at Therapist-Outfitters provides empathy, analysis, and guidance.

As you listen to your clients with care and respect, so we will listen to you. We offer our business experience and advice for a variety of issues such as

  • Inadequate profit margins
  • The benefits and risks of developing new programs
  • You own burn-out or depression
  • Decision-making about duty to warn
  • Managing client resistance
  • Difficulties with other staff
  • Transference/Countertransference
  • Increasing your referral network
  • Collecting client fees

You’ll find us open, warm, and encouraging. The first 10 minutes is free. After that, it’s $30 per half hour. Don’t hesitate.

Call 231-448-3300, 10:00 to 4:00 EST, Tuesday through Friday.

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