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We provide a phone tutorial/guide for our flagship book, Restorative Treatment for Drug Court and Domestic Violence Clients which provides a comprehensive and detailed strategy to build a new therapy practice or grow an existing treatment agency. To receive full benefit from Restorative Treatment, we encourage you to complete the steps and worksheets outlined in the book and to consult us in the process.

Take advantage of our 20-20 program. Purchase Restorative Treatment for $20 and receive 20 minutes of our professional phone consultation free to get you started. Or if you’re not interested in the tutorial but have questions about any of the topics in the book such as attracting and retaining court and self-referred clients, marketing, writing a business plan, carving out a therapeutic niche, networking, best business practices, writing treatment plans for your clients or any other topic in the book, you also can benefit from the 20-20 plan. Additional phone consultation is charged at a rate of $30/half hour.

In addition to providing guidance, our staff will conduct marketing surveys for you and your planned practice or changes in your present agency. The surveys and recommendations will be specific to your interests and locale. We’ll also write business plans to help you get off on the right foot, and design treatment programs for you for the clients with whom you wish to work or provide you with any other aspects of the planning process. We can also schedule site visits to meet with your and/or your staff.

Call 231-448-3300, 10:00 to 4:00 EST, Tuesday through Friday.

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