Substance Abuse Group Therapy Topics

Treatment of substance abusers is not for sissies. Addressing substance abuse group therapy topics with treatment worksheets can make it easier.

Topics for Substance Abuse Groups

  • Relapse Risk Reduction
  • Patterns of Use
  • Attitudes and Substance Abuse
  • Minimization, Denial, and Blame
  • Consequences of Use
  • Countering Disastrous Thinking
  • Lifestyles that Lead to Abuse and Relapse
  • Stages of Recovery

Whether you’re treating alcoholism or drug abuse or addiction, your job is always full of ambiguity and the need for balance. Like any other counseling, the rules are not cast in stone. What works for one client in one setting may not work for another. What works in individual counseling may not be appropriate for group work.

Especially as treatment providers for the courts, we often find individuals with very different substance abuse problems in the same group. We have adolescents who have been merely experimenting with alcohol or drugs sitting next to hard-core alcoholics of those with drug dependency. We need to address ourselves to the education of the mildly abusing drinker who got picked up and blew .10 as well as challenge the full-blown alcoholic who’s still in denial of his problem.

When you use worksheets as a part of your treatment process, you individualize the therapy because each client responds at their own type and level of substance use. When you process their responses in a go-round and each group member shares his or her own answer to questions, you can address their place on the substance use continuum. Everybody’s substance abuse problem is included; no one’s left out. In addition, you make a personal connection with each group member every time you use a worksheet.

If you haven’t tried using worksheets on substance abuse topics such as different types of use, consequences of abuse, minimization and denial, risk for relapse, lifestyles that lead to abuse and relapse, and relapse prevention, try them now!