The Successful Entrepeunerial Therapist

These days, it isn’t enough to be a great therapist. Especially in difficult economic times when people have less money, there are too many therapists and too few clients. To make a good living, you need to be an entrepreneurial therapist, part-businessman, part-therapist. The successful entrepreneurial therapist is smart, observant, decisive. Whether you’re in private practice or work for an agency, you need to be a find the entrepreneur in yourself — the business person who is on the lookout for new programs and new clients. As an entrepreneurial therapist, you engage in simple but imperative activities.

  1. Research your market for clients who are not being served at present.
  2. Develop effective and innovative programs for them.
  3. Get out into the community and let people know what you do.
  4. Give programs some time to grow — it takes awhile for you to seep into the community.

My book, Restorative Treatment for Drug Court and Domestic Violence Clients, describes how to develop a new practice with court-referred and self-referred clients. It helps you to realize that you may have lost control of your work. It tells you how to step out of behavior that’s comfortable for you and make decisions that will lead you back in charge of your practice and your life.