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The goal in batterer intervention: Stop both physical and emotional abuse

When I first starting running groups for batterers I believed my goal was to help them stop physically-abusive behavior, and I used group discussion and domestic violence worksheets to challenge them to recognize the damage they had done. I told the men in my groups that our goal was to stop and always avoid any […]

Batterer Intervention Training Survey

One of Therapist Outfitters’ core missions is providing batterer intervention training materials for therapists and counselors leading batterer intervention groups, such as Interventions for Men who Abuse Women: Worksheets for Facilitating Domestic Abuse Groups. To help us respond to the needs of batterer intervention services, please complete this one-page survey.

Batterer Intervention Alliance

The Intervention Alliance Although increasingly varied in their approach to working with abusive men, batterer intervention services (BIS) adhere to best practice that emphasizes (1) safety for women (2) accountability for abusive behavior and (3) the exclusion of protocols that might lead group facilitators to collude with batterers. BIS facilitators use instruction, worksheets, and self-report […]

Why Worksheets for Men’s Domestic Abuse Groups Work

When you use client worksheets in domestic abuse treatment groups with court-referred clients, you provide opportunities for increased focus on topics, more interchange between the facilitator and group members, and individual as well as group exploration of thinking and behavior. Harm and Consequences of Domestic Violence In batterer intervention groups, your most important and most […]

A Brief History of Batterer Intervention

Domestic violence is probably as old as the human race. For much of human history, male violence against their partners was not only tolerated but sometimes even encouraged. In the 1960s and 70s the women’s movement focused attention on the lack of resources available to battered women. They also identified the lack of sanctions against […]